About this blog

This is the “CoDeS Case Frankfurt” blog, titled:

School Year for Sustainability

This blog describes the case of a school community collaboration for ESD developed in Frankfurt, Germany. This is one of the cases collected within the frame of Comenius Network CoDeS.


Our world is changing rapidly. Why not our schools, too? The innovative project “School Year for Sustainability” aims at implementing the concept of Education for Sustainable Development in primary schools throughout the city of Frankfurt/Main in Germany. It is a multi-stakeholder project of Umweltlernen in Frankfurt e.V. in cooperation with schools, different city departments and several sponsors, that has been developed by the organization “Umweltlernen in Frankfurt” (Environmental Learning in Frankfurt). It started in 2011. Good practice activities, already existing on a broad level in Frankfurt, will be brought together and connected to strengthen Education for Sustainable Development.

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