Frankfurt-on-Main is a dynamic international finance and fair centre in the heart of Europe. Skyline and Römer, Paulskirche and GrünGürtel characterize the image of this metropolis. Being the city of Goethe and Adorno, Frankfurt is also a place with a cosmopolitan lifestyle and a lively cultural and scientific landscape. Education is a main feature for sustainable development of a cosmopolitan city. This was the incentive for Frankfurt to take part in the UN Decade “Education for Sustainable development” in the year 2008. Innovative structures and numerous programmes have evolved since then. Thanks to these developments, Frankfurt was awarded by the German UNESCO committee as a progressive city of the World Decade “Education for Sustainable development”.


Frankfurt is growing

On 31 December 2010, there were some 688,000 people living in Frankfurt. Frankfurt’s population development points to a high level of fluctuation. 696,000 inward migrants between 1997 and 2010. A high population turnover is a typical feature of life in Frankfurt. In the 14 years from 1997 to 2010, slightly more people moved to Frankfurt than the entire population of Frankfurt at the end of 2010. If one considers that just under half (45%) Frankfurt’s citizens live in the city for more than 14 Years, in purely arithmetical terms the mobile half of the population completely turned over twice! (reference:

Further Information about Frankfurt


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