Umweltlernen e.V. has been promoting EE and ESD since over two decades, by providing programmes and a support structure for schools. The project “School Year for Sustainability” deepens the orientation towards ESD and strengthens the established network of stakeholders for ESD in Frankfurt. The cooperation increases the competencies of Umweltlernen e.V. as well as of the network partners. The project brings together existing but not interrelated activities to go further and build an educational landscape for ESD and support schools towards developing a whole school approach.

2012-10-10 08.38.39

The “School Year for Sustainability” has two overarching goals. The first is to integrate ESD into the curriculum of the 4th grade. The aim is to develop long term cooperations between schools and extracurricular partners. This is the basis for the institutionalisation of ESD, as a modern competence-based teaching and learning approach which will strengthen the student´s shaping competencies for sustainable development. Secondly, the program intends to be a key project which contributes to the systematic implementation of ESD in the educational landscape beyond the region.

The long-term goal of the programme is that every child in the city of Frankfurt has an idea what sustainable development means after completing primary education. All children shall know alternative ways of action for a sustainable lifestyle and are empowered to shape their actions and their lives accordingly.

renewable Solar

Throughout the programme the children will learn about sustainable development and what challenges it brings to their own actions and attitudes. Children will reflect on these true-to-life topics in small groups and discover their competencies for acting differently. The concept of sustainability will be introduced by the theme of climate change since this is a field in which the global consequences of local activities can be clearly demonstrated. Interconnected learning is made possible in the different dimensions of local and global – environment economy and culture – presence and future. Linking different topics will allow children to understand the consequences and impact our actions have on our societies.

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