ESD Community

The project “School Year for Sustainability” was initiated from the green city working group, a city initiative. They suggested this project as a milestone project in the educational field for becoming a green city. Umweltlernen in Frankfurt e.V. is in charge of developing the concept for the project. Umweltlernen has experience in supporting schools with Environment Education (EE) and ESD activities for many years and has a good network with the schools in Frankfurt.

Existing activities

  • Frankfurt has a comparable high number of awarded “environmental schools”. (Umweltschulen)
  • The City School Authority (Stadtschulamt) is awarded “Schulträger 21”.
  • Different activities are awarded as “UN-Decade Projects” e.g. study-workshops and the “Educational Landscape GreenBelt”
  • The city is a model-municipality in the project QuaSi-BNE of the FU Berlin. Umweltlernen e.V. organises the network group.

The City Council for Education is not able to manage all this on its own. Therefore, we have successfully tried to activate the civil society and to involve companies due to their Corporate Social Responsibility. As a result, the network “Learning about Sustainability in Frankfurt” was foundet, which is coordinated by the association “Umweltlernen in Frankfurt e.V.”. Many institutions are involved in the network: the City School Authority, the State Council for Education, the departments of Youth Welfare, Social Services and the Environment Department, the network BioFrankfurt, the Savings Bank of Frankfurt FRASPA and the GLS Bank, the waste disposal company FES, the energy provider Mainova AG and the Child Protection Agency. The network helps to develop educational programmes with a view to sustainability and to provide impulses for new projects.

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